About Us

The Africa Business Council is the continent’s foremost indigenous African-led business network helping business leaders, entrepreneurs and executives develop and deepen their African influence and networks to fast-track their growth story and business interests on the continent. We develop our members into the most admired, impactful, and influential business leaders and companies in the African business landscape. Our members are disruptors – companies and leaders who define their own path, stand out and scale up rather than waiting for events to shape them.

The council is promoted by the prestigious African Leadership magazine, and focuses on helping the continent’s present and future business Icons expand their African presence, power and portfolio; with members becoming more visible, valuable and globally acclaimed, doing well by doing good, and using business as a force for global impact. The Council brings together leading entrepreneurs, business owners, company directors and businesses, creating a community of like-minded personalities who are shaping the future of the continent, and are committed to forging an alliance for African progress.